Tire Shop retailers are getting squeezed on margins and that trend is not slowing down, so every opportunity to reduce costs is critical.

Scotia Software’s goal was to create a system that provided all of the functionality that you need to run your operation at an affordable price. Tire Shop Manager was developed using Scotia’s proprietary development methods and it was designed to ensure that it didn’t come with a lot of unnecessary features. It’s everything you want and nothing that you don’t want, at a price you can afford.

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Improved Inventory Management

Tire Shop Manager’s Inventory Management module is much more than a simple database for keeping track.of what’s in stock. It provides easy-to-interpret insight to help you determine the minimum inventory levels and EOQ (economic order quantity) for all of your products. With Tire Shop Manager, you won’t have to tie up all of your cash in inventory, and you won’t have to turn your customers away because you’re short on stock.


Tire Shop Manager’s Inventory Management module will also allow you to manage all of your supplies as well as tires and accessories.

Easy To Use

Tire Shop Manager’s various modules and screens are designed to have the same basic layout, the same icons, and the same methods. Every screen will have a similar look at feel, use the same buttons to achieve the same objectives, search for information the same way, etc. The system is intuitive and consistent and made to improve the productivity of your operations.

You can see some demos and tutorials as well as download a detailed description of our various modules here: Gallery