How does Tire Shop Manager help me to save money?

Tire Shop Manager helps you to save money in several ways:
1. First, the product itself is very affordable relative to generic solutions, 100% custom solutions, or any competitive product.
2. Tire Shop Manager’s unique Inventory Management systems helps to reduce the amount of cash that’s tied up in stock.
3. Tire Shop Manager has unique security features that make theft almost impossible when managed properly.
4. Tire Shop Manager is very easy to use which reduces the amount of time spent entering and manipulating data so you can focus on doing the things that make you money.

Why wouldn’t I just use an off-the-shelf accounting system?

Off-the-shelf accounting systems are cheap and are designed for one purpose: to keep track of your revenues and expenses so that you can produce financial reports and income tax filings. They do not help with any other aspect of running your business. Tire Shop Manager includes a Point of sale (POS) system, inventory management, purchasing management, time clocks for employees, and other modules that are designed specifically to help you run a tire retail and service shop.

I’ve been using the same system for a long time and I don’t want to lose all the information I’ve been storing. Can I move my information into the new system?

Regardless of the hardware, software, or data format that you’ve been using, Scotia Software, the creators of Tire Shop Manager, can help you move it into our system.Contact us and let’s talk about how to get that done quickly and cost effectively.

Does this system run on my computer or is it cloud based?

Tire Shop Manager runs on your computer . Locally based software runs much faster and radically improves your productivity. It also ensures availability even if you’re internet connection is down. However, Scotia Software will soon make available a cloud-based version of Tire Shop Manager for customers who want to move in that direction.